Fixers Mongolia is recommended by

BBB's global fixers list


Ben Moyle, a UK native, has lived and worked in Mongolia since 1999 and heads up Fixers Mongolia. Along with his team, Ben has been involved in broadcasting and TV production since 2004. 

Ben is the President and Founder of Channel One TV, a Mongolian broadcast station. C1 is a top 5 rated channel, employing over 100 industry specialists.

Ben gives Fixers Mongolia an unrivaled understanding of the requirements needed for any production to run smoothly in Mongolia.

Ben has been approved to the BBC global fixers list since 2005.



Collaboration Partners

Over the years Fixers Mongolia has been fortunate to collaborate with great Mongolian companies and authorities who today we are proud to call partners.

A sample of our most frequent partners:

 Chinggis Khan Statue complexBayangol Hotel13th century Historical ComplexBlue Sky Aviation | A-Jet Aviation | Hunnu air | Aero Mongolia | The Ministry of Environment, Green Development and TourismMongolian Railway AuthorityMinistry of Roads and Transportation |  Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strictly Protected Areas Administration and more...