Fixers Mongolia - Dear world leaders Take climate action now COP21


Take climate action now for COP21

Around the world, people from all walks of life are standing together to demand a strong climate agreement in Paris and a healthy future for the planet. When the world speaks with one voice, our leaders have to listen. So we’ve put together this Open Letter with one very clear message: DEAR WORLD LEADERS: TAKE CLIMATE ACTION NOW. People from around the world are affected by climate change today - right now. And they're calling out to world leaders to demand real action this year at the UN climate talks in Paris.

Fixers Mongolia - Discovery channel, What on earth

What On Earth

WAG TV, Broadcast on Discovery Channel to do aired in 2016

Watching us from space, satellites orbit the Earth capturing images of our world that are breathtaking, but in some instances, bizarre. This unique perspective reveals objects that seem to make no sense, and phenomena that defy explanation. Such photographs force the question, what on Earth is that?


MAROONED with Ed Stafford

Tigress productions, Broadcast on Discovery Channel to do aired in 2016

Ed is dropped in an extreme location and set a task of surviving with nothing, literally NOTHING – he drops his clothes, takes a camera, and over the course of 10 days makes fire, builds a shelter, catches anything he can to eat, be it big or small. Filmed in the Great Gobi A Strictly Protected Area of Mongolia. 

Fixers Mongolia - The Travel show, BBC

The Travel Show

BBC to be Broadcast on BBC world wide late 2015

Rajan Datar sets out to discover Mongolia and to see what it takes to be a Mongolia hard man. His travels takes him from a trip on the Trans-Siberian train in the Gobi there he talked part in a local Nadaam before heeding North to Lake Hovsgol on the Siberian border to meet a Sharman. 

Fixers Mongolia - Travel channel, EXPEDITION UNKNOWN: GENGHIS KHAN’S TOMB

Expedition Unknown: Genghis Khan’s Tomb

Broadcast on Travel Channe

*Collaboration with partner fixer company

Josh Gates undertakes an expedition to discover the tomb of Genghis Khan. A large crew travelled to various archeological sites with the show highpoint being a trek up the remote and sacred Burkhan Khaldun Mountain.


Hip-Hoppin’ Asia: The Saga Continues

Broadcast on Malaysian 8TV

*Collaboration with partner fixer company

Hip-Hoppin’ Asia is a travelogue/reality program that features a hip-hop renewed sense of adventure on the back of its award-winning first season. Malaysia’s freshest Hip Hop artiste, SonaOne finds the best places to see, the best people to meet, the best things to do, and the best Hip Hop experiences that Asians have to offer.