Ed Stafford: First Man Out

Ed Stafford - First Man Out.jpg

Produced by Beach House Pictures
Broadcaster: Discovery Channel

Ed Stafford, the first man to walk the Amazon, is pioneering the world’s first true 4K survival competition format with Discovery. ED STAFFORD: FIRST MAN OUT (6×60) not only test the extreme limits of human endurance and determination but also push state-of-the-art technology into new realms as the first survivalist show to be filmed in 4K. Alongside thermal sensing drones and night vision cameras, 4K technology will provide stunning footage of the survivalists’ epic journeys in some of the most brutal but breath-taking environments in the world.

S1. Episode 3 Mongolia

Mongolia's Gobi desert is the setting for the ultimate survival race as Ed Stafford is paired against survival supremo and famed endurance athlete Matt Graham.