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On the basis of our client’s production outline, we get started by researching your requirements. Pre-production work typically includes location scouting, visa processing and press pass applications, casting sessions, logistics planning and government permitting.

Logistics and transportation

From airport pick-ups and hotel reservations to scheduling full shoot multi-vehicle transportation and helicopter charter, smooth logistics are critical to production success. We employ skilled drivers who know how to get out of tricky situations. We have access to a fleet of 4x4 vehicles that we can call upon at any time. Fixers Mongolia has the experience to overcome Mongolia’s considerable logistical challenges.

Contributors and talent

Having helped shape the local broadcast industry, we are adept at finding the right contributors and talent – whether it be an emerging hip-hop group, a controversial gold miner or a leading archeologist. Whoever the required contributor, we have the contacts. 
Fixers Mongolia has great connections with Mongolia’s professional crews. We have the ability to hire for any shoot position you would rather fill in country. 

In-country Drone operation

Fixers Mongolia owns and operates a fleet of DJI Inspire 2’s with Zenmuse X7 aerial cameras and prime lenses. We offer drone pilots and independent gimbal operators (dual-control). We have over 600 hours of flying time recorded in Mongolia, and credits on BAFTA winning documentary “The Eagle Huntress” and Korea's biggest box office hit of 2017 “Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds”


There are not many places in Mongolia to which we have not traveled –including open steppes, virgin forests, desert landscapes, vast lakes, winding rivers, rugged mountain ranges and rolling hills. The Mongolian countryside is full of superb film locations, and Mongolia’s urban areas host a wide spectrum of environments as well – like disused socialist-era power plants, haphazardly settled semi-urban districts or vibrant city streets.

Production Camps

Filming in remote locations in Mongolia often requires temporary accommodations. Fixers Mongolia is equipped to facilitate any size of production camp. Whether mobile or fixed, for two people or a crew of over 100, we have done them all to the satisfaction and requirements of our clients.


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